About me

I’ve been interested in photography since my youth when I was given a “hand-me-down” already very old Brownie Hawkeye camera. While I’ve always been ready to photograph about anything, my main interest and passion is landscape and nature photography with the primary pallet being God’s creation.

I have discovered that photography offers many lessons for life.  For example, it's not about "taking" photos but "receiving" them as a gift.  Life with Jesus is a gift.  Composition is about deciding what to include in an image and cropping is about eliminating that which does not contribute to the desired outcome.  Does that not remind us about life?  A good photograph represents perfect balance between very dark and very bright light.  Just as in life, there are dark moments and their are bright moments - the key is balance.  So slow down, take time to really see, and your images and life will be the better for it.

Any time I'm asked about the camera and equipment I use, I say that while I do have a good camera, the camera really has little to do with making a quality image, it's just a tool to gather information the eye sees and the mind visualizes! I’ve acquired some  technical skills over the years, but it’s all about being able to visualize and see color, light, textures, and composition in creative ways. And I delight in sharing my work through occasional exhibits, slideshows, and on my website.

Gerald Neufeld

About my gear, if you're interested

Nikon D7200 body
Nikon D300s body
Nikkor 10mm x 24mm Wide Angle Zoom Lens
Sigma 17mm x 70mm 2.8 - 4 Zoom Lens
Nikon 70mm x 300mm Telephoto Lens

Ranger Carbon Fiber-Lite Travel Tripod

Nikon polarizing filter
Sing-Ray warming polarizing filter
Cokin filter system
Neutral Density and Variable ND filters